Mission Statement

To provide unparalleled land surveying services in a timely manner while protecting the safety, health and welfare of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

The Survey Department performs a variety of tasks for the Seminole Tribe of Florida including Boundary Surveys, Topography Surveys, As-built, Construction Stakeouts, and Elevation Certificates.

As the Tribe continues its expansion, our department plays an integral role in making their visions a reality.

In the field, we perform calculations, conduct surveys, take precise measurements to determine property boundaries and record survey measurements.

In the office, we use state-of-the-art equipment to prepare topographic and contour maps of land surveyed, including site features and other relevant information such as charts, drawings, and survey notes. We perform calculations as well as draft maps, plats and surveys.

We give advice and provide the tools that guide the engineers and architects who create the vision for the Seminole Tribe of Florida.


A) Personnel 
1. Adadewa Okutu - Office and Field
2. Emiliano Lopez Candoti - Office
3. Desmond Baugh, Nezam Majid, Javon Hill - Field

B) What we do – Boundary survey, Topography survey, As built, Construction Stakeouts, Elevation Certificates, etc.

C) Clients - All Tribal Government Departments mainly Planning, Housing, Real Estate, Tribal Members, Board, Transportation Department, Public Works,etc.

D) How work is generated - Survey Request Form

E) Office Work
1. Respond to inquiries and requests 
2. Research and analyze proposed projects
3. Compile information necessary to stake projects for construction, using engineering plans.
4. Operate and manage land-information computer systems, performing tasks such as storing data, making inquiries, and producing plots and reports.
5. Collect information needed to carry out new surveys, using source maps, previous survey data, photographs, computer records, and other relevant information.
6. Prepare topographic and contour maps of land surveyed, including site features and other relevant information such as charts, drawings, and survey notes.
7. Prepare aerials
8. Perform office calculations, boundary resolution, and adjustment of field information as directed.
9. Research public records; provide research materials, computer computations, and other support to field crews; recover evidence of previous surveys; determine the location of public right-of-way.
10. Draft maps, plats, and surveys; prepare exhibit maps, descriptions, update official records as required. 
11. Manage out-sourced projects and payments
12. Maintain and track ongoing projects
13. Coordinates with other departments on homesites. 

F) Field Work
1. Differential level runs to establish benchmarks.
2. Perform calculations to determine traverse closures and adjustments, azimuths, level runs, and placement of markers.
3. Conduct surveys to ascertain the locations of natural features and human-made structures on the Earth's surface, using electronic distance-measuring equipment and other surveying instruments.
4. Record survey measurements and descriptive data, using notes, drawings, sketches
5. Adjust and operate surveying instruments such as prisms, theodolites, and electronic distance-measuring equipment.
6. Perform field work, including control traverses, collecting topographic data, property, construction stakeout, boundary surveys, and static & RTK GPS surveys.


  • Field Work
  • Field Work


Manager: Adadewa Okutu
5700 Griffin Road
Davie FL, 33314
954-985-2300 ext. 11506


The Survey Request form is accessible on the Tribe's Intranet by Seminole Tribe Staff.