Community Planning and Development

Mission Statement

To produce a strategic land use plan that is sustainable and enduring while preserving, promoting, enhancing and keeping the culture of the Seminole Tribe of Florida alive.

The Community Planning and Development Department coordinates and accesses Tribal resources by creating master plans and development strategies to ensure a cohesive effort in meeting the needs of the Tribal Members and the Tribe. Within these efforts, the Community Planning and Development Department provides direct service in real estate (business/home site leasing/service line agreements); community planning (site selection/coordination of regulatory review/permitting); land use planning for access to water/wastewater/roads/power/right-of-ways, etc.; and, general surveying services for all Seminole Tribal properties. 

Our efforts are in coordination with the Environmental Resources Management Department (ERMD), Public Works/Transportation, the Water Commission, the Land Use Commission, GIS, Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO) and other Tribal entities integral to the federal regulatory review process for use of all Tribal lands – trust, reservation, and, fee simple.


Director: Laurence Bradley

6365 Taft Street, Suite 3004
Hollywood, Florida  33024
Phone: (954) 985-2300 
Fax: (954) 967-3891
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