Completed Projects

Hollywood - TCD Office Building - First Floor Renovation (Off-Reservation)

by System | Aug 22, 2023

The Tribal Community & Development (TCD) Office Building is located off Reservation, along Griffin Road, within the Town of Davie. The first floor of the building (approximately 15,000 SF) was completely renovated in June 2021. The building was formerly owned by Pirtle Construction and was referred to as the Pirtle Building. TCD now occupies the whole building, with Housing and Community Planning and Development occupying the renovated first floor, and the Executive Office, Public Works, and Real Estate occupy the second floor.

 The project's scope of work included a complete interior demolition and rebuilding of the entire first floor to provide a new office space configuration, conference rooms, and common areas between TCD departments with the goal to better serve the Tribal Community. Additional improvements included incorporating modern technology and equipment to support in-person and remote meetings, and installing features and equipment to promote energy efficiency. The renovated first floor layout maximizes its use to create office spaces, conference rooms, storage and workrooms; while providing an environment that supports communication and collaboration amongst TCD departments in order to better respond to Tribal needs. 


Finished First Floor Renovations: