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Hollywood - Betty Mae Jumper Medical Clinic

by System | Aug 22, 2023

The Hollywood Betty Mae Jumper (BMJ) Clinic is located in the Seminole Estates area of the Hollywood Reservation. The BMJ Clinic has approximately 40,000 Square Feet of interior floor space in a two-story building. The Clinic was completed and opened to the Tribal community in October 2020.

This modern medical facility pays tribute to Ms. Betty Mae Tiger Jumper, the first Seminole to graduate high school and earn a higher education when she received her nursing degree.  Ms. Tiger Jumper became the first woman elected to chair the Seminole Tribe of Florida in 1967.  She helped organize the constitutional committee and create the constitution of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.  She also created the first Seminole newspaper that eventually became the Seminole Tribune, still published today. Ms. Tiger Jumper spent most of her adult life, improving and modernizing the Seminole community and their healthcare services.

This medical facility provides new and expanded medical services to meet the growing Tribal Community's needs.  Services include dental clinic, pharmacy, medical adult and pediatric clinics, behavioral health offices, physical therapy, home economics room, and office space for Health and Human Services Department.

 All services from the old Betty May Jumper Clinic (that was located on Josie Billie Avenue) are now offered in the new BMJ Clinic.  The old clinic was demolished, and the site cleared for future development.



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