Housing Department

Housing Department Mission

The Housing Department provides safe and sustainable housing opportunities that preserves and expand the communities of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. The Housing Department provide homeownership opportunities, emergency home repairs and rental housing for Tribal Members through a variety of programs. The goal is to develop quality sustainable housing development in all Tribal Communities, which fosters a full and rich residential quality of life.  

Housing Programs (See Current Housing Policy for Terms & Eligibility)

  • Home Maintenance

    Provides minor repairs to homesites

  • Property Management

    Exterior lawn management of the of the property which includes hazard elimination

  • Residential Health & Safety

    Designed to provide preventive services to minimize unsafe and unhealthy conditions

  • Healthy Home Program

    Courtesy annual home inspections to examine the mechanical, structural, electrical and plumbing integrity of the home

  • ADA/Special Needs

    Provides new or retrofitted accessibility and accommodations for individuals with specials needs

  • Relocation Assistance

    Provides relocation and temporary shelter due to unsafe living conditions

  • Rental Program

    Rental opportunities based on needs and on a waiting list

  • Home Finance Program

    Outside home lenders with competitive interest rates and fees

  • Rent-To-Own Program
    The Rent-To-Own Residence Program purpose is to give Tribal Members who are unable to qualify for a HUD 184 Loan or a HELP Primary Loan the opportunity to become homeowners. Eighty percent (80%) of the rental payment made during the Term of the Rent-To-Own Lease, will be applied towards the Tribal Member's purchase price.

  • Credit Counseling Program

    Helps resolve any inaccurate information on credit report and improve financial stability

  • Homeowner/Renter’s Insurance

     Blanket policies for homeowners and renters

  • Generator Program
    Inspections and minor repair of existing standby generators
  • Elder Generator Program
    Primary Residence Generator Program provides that all Tribal Member Elders are entitled to the installation of a new Generator, one time only, not to exceed $35,000.

Planning & Development Services Offered

  • Renovation Construction to or expansion of an existing home to meet the tribal building code
  • Rehabilitation Construction of an existing home to bring the home up to safety, quality and code standards
  • New Construction of a home at a site where a home did not previously exist

 HUD 184 Loans

Loans designed by congress to create a federal program specifically designed to address the lack of money available to Native Americans to build on Indian country. This program is only made available to Native Americans throughout the continental United States.

HUD 184 Loans - HUD 184 mortgage loans are offered through approved lenders. HUD 184 loans are offered exclusively to members of federally recognized Native American Tribes.

HELP Primary Loan (Home Expansion Loan Program) - The Home Expansion Loan Program, or HELP, was developed by STOF to assist Tribal members who may not qualify for traditional loan programs. HELP assists Tribal members with the construction of a new home, renovation of an existing home, or the purchase of a new home.

HELP Down Payment Assistance (DPA) - Tribal members eligible for the HUD 184 Program may need assistance with down payment and closing costs. HELP Down Payment Assistance loans provide Tribal members with the funds to close on their new home loan.

Home Ownership Retention and Mortgage Reinstatement Loans - The goal of the Home Ownership Retention and Mortgage Reinstatement Loans is to help members in difficult financial situations concerning their mortgages.

Please contact the Housing Department staff for more information about these services and programs.



Director of Housing Department

Jamie Flynn

863-763-4128 x 10657

Assistant Director of Housing Department

Delmar A. Melton, MBA, MSA

954-966-6300 x 11300

Senior Property Managers

Big Cypress/Immokalee

Zulema Mendoza

863-805-2940 x 13611

Brighton/Fort Pierce

Marqus Coleman

(863)763-4128 x 15451


Kadeja Jackson

954-985-2300 x 10686

Kimberly Lane

813-246-3100 x19328

Housing Loan Manager

Wendy Larson

863-763-4128 x 15452
After Hours Emergency