Welcome to Tribal Community Development

The Tribal Community Development departments are dedicated to serving the Seminole Tribe of Florida by providing well-planned communities, high quality construction projects including housing, government, business and recreational facilities, as well as fulfilling transportation, water and waste management needs.  Through coordinated partnerships with various federal agencies, our goal is to ensure that we maintain the integrity of the Seminole lands and culture as we move the Tribe forward in these areas.


  • Tribalwide Housing Plan Unveiled

    Mar 20, 2018
    More than 1,500 acres of land in Brighton, Big Cypress, Hollywood, Immokalee and Lakeland will sprout new housing units in the not too distant future, thanks to the Tribalwide housing plan.
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  • Best In Taste: Public Works Wins Drinking Water Awards

    May 26, 2017
    They are separated by more than 100 miles and draw their water from different sources, but the Seminole Tribe’s water treatment plants on the Brighton and Hollywood reservations shared one common attribute in March: champions.
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