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Environmental ambient air quality monitoring to begin in Big Cypress

by LISA MEDAY - ERMD EPS III | Mar 02, 2017
BIG CYPRESS —The Seminole Tribe of Florida Environmental Resource Management Department will conduct baseline air quality monitoring on Big Cypress Reservation.

The air quality monitoring equipment is scheduled to arrive in Big Cypress Reservation in late January 2017 and will be located at the ERMD maintenance compound on the south side of West Boundary Road.

The objective of the BC air quality monitoring project is to obtain general baseline air quality monitoring to characterize air quality within Big Cypress Reservation over the course of one calendar year, which would include a wet and dry season. This monitoring will include CO (carbon monoxide), CO2 (carbon dioxide), SO2 (sulfur dioxide) and PM2.5 (particulate matter).

The data will be publicly available online. Also, ERMD plans to coordinate with the Tribal Education Department to offer ideas about how students could use this information in science, technology, engineering and mathematic (STEM) studies.

The State of Florida has no air quality monitoring stations in Hendry County. Air quality monitoring stations in South Florida are located along the coasts and in major metropolitan areas such as Tampa Bay and Miami. The closest air quality monitoring stations to Big Cypress Reservation are in Lake Okeechobee and Fort Lauderdale.

This significant data gap will be filled with direct monitoring of Big Cypress Reservation air quality by the Seminole Tribe. ERMD expects to see low concentrations of pollutants in Big Cypress Reservation as South Florida has relatively clean air, with no areas in the state exceeding the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ozone and fine particle matter. Please contact Lisa Meday in ERMD at 954-965-4380 extension 10621 if you have any questions, or for a link to the on-line air quality data.